Our Story

When we founded Canada Go Green in 2010, our goal was to create a product that would bring value to roofing contractors and homeowners. We decided to invent a solar-powered vent that could achieve three things: extend roof life, look great, and give homeowners peace of mind knowing they have a top-quality product working for them.

We understand that roofing is not an easy line of work. It takes careful planning, precise material sourcing, and a day or more of hard labour to get a job well done. We also understand that the work of a contractor relies on the quality of roofing materials. For these reasons, we underline good engineering, quality, and workmanship when it comes to manufacturing our products.

A 4 Seasons solar-powered vent isn’t just any solar vent. The materials are lightweight enough to make for a quick installation but strong enough to resist any damage. Best of all, we made sure that our vents are available through all major suppliers in North America. We want to make it easy for roofers to get their hands on our products. 

4 Seasons solar-powered vents aren’t just made with roofers in mind. Our high-performance vents are also perfect for any homeowner. They stop heat and humidity from seeping indoors and making rooms uncomfortable. And they look good, too! No homeowner wants to turn their roof into an eyesore because of a big, bulky unit. That’s why all of our products have simple, sleek designs.

Most importantly, our vents are built to last. They can protect a roof against moisture and high heat, which can damage elements and cut the roof’s lifespan short. They’re animal-proof, and they’re designed to withstand harsh weather conditions — a must for North American homes. With the help of our vents, homeowners can rest assured that their roofs will stay in great condition all year round.

Here at Canada Go Green, we make products to help roofers and homeowners alike.

Canada Go Green is proud to be 100% Canadian. Our products are designed, assembled and tested for quality control at our facilities in Ontario. We are the leading manufacturer of solar powered attic vents in Canada.

Our Products

At Canada Go Green we offer high quality residential and commercial products. Our solar powered vents were built under Canadian engineered supervision and tested under harsh winter weather conditions.

Product Testing and Certifications

We are committed to creating top quality products and we have been known to spare no effort towards this goal. All of our products are tested under very stringent conditions to meet the highest standards. We get in the experts to test our products to ensure that all parameters have been met.

Solar Panels

We build our products using Mono-Crystalline solar panels, one of the highest quality type of solar cells in the industry. These efficient solar panels allow our products to work with less than ideal sun exposure. Our solar panels are CSA approved, meeting and exceeding international standards (IEC 61215:2005). The average lifetime of these solar panels is over 25 years.

Product Housing

All our products use heavy-duty materials (Polycarbonate plastic, galvanized steel and aluminum) all of them UV, low temperature and wild animal resistant. Our design meets and exceeds national standards and has passed weather resistant tests. The design of our products allows them to work as ‘passive’ vents while the unit is turned off.


At the heart of each solar powered attic fan is a brushless DC motor that is resistant and can operate between -50 to +50 °C (-58 to 122 °F). The protective casing keeps the inner components of the motor sealed, offering permanent protection from dust, water, snow and ice. This type of resistance makes it ideal for Canadian weather.

Brushless DC motors have very few parts that can wear and operate mainly through the usage of permanent magnets. When looking at this type of motor, the lifetime can be determined by the quality of the ball bearings. To ensure maximum possible lifespan, we selected sealed ball bearings from Japanese manufacturers. These eliminate vibration, noise and drastically reduce wear on the motor allowing for a life span of over 15 years.