How they work?

Solar attic fans draw on solar energy to provide much needed active attic ventilation in summer as well as winter.

The soaring heat levels of summer can quickly turn your attic into a stifling, suffocating space. Our solar attic fans help cool down the space by actively pushing the hot air out of the attic and pulling the cooler ambient air from the outside in. This cooler air flows down through the rest of the home, lowering the overall indoor temperature. This reduces the load on your air conditioner substantially, extending the life of the unit and lowering your energy bills – all in one go.

In addition, solar attic fans also help extend the life of the roof by preventing wood rot caused by moisture buildup under the roof on hot humid days and rainy winter days. The continual circulation of air also impedes the formation of ice dams under the eaves, which could eventually cause tremendous damage to the roofing.

Because these appliances use energy from the sun, they require no additional electricity, so you do not end up paying sky-high energy bills for your attic ventilation. With no need for circuit breakers or electrical wiring and no need to call in a professional to install the fan, the savings just keep on adding up.
This reduced energy consumption makes solar attic fans tremendously environmentally friendly as well. In the face of global warming, the importance of using green alternatives cannot be emphasized enough and at 4 Seasons solar powered vents, this has always been our first priority.