4 SEASONS Gable Fan

The 4 Seasons Gable Fan is installed inside the attic attached to an existing gable vent and is powered by the solar panel on the roof. It is most popular on old homes that have gables or dormers. It is built and designed for all weather seasons to improve air flow in the attic.

During the summer, cooling down the attic will mean longer lasting shingles and will improve the efficiency of your (A/C) air conditioning system, lowering energy costs.

During the winter, the attic will be less likely to store humidity, preserving the attic’s wooded components, especially plywood, and reducing the risk of mould.

  • 2400 sq ft space
  • up to 1600 CFM
  • 20W Solar Panel
  • Brushless DC motor


Protective mesh on the outside of the fan.

32 feet cable with IP68 connectors.

14.5″ vent diameter.

Thermostat ON 25°C / OFF 18°C. Includes a thermostat that will activate the fan when temperatures are over 25°C. However, the thermostat can be easily by-passed for winter use.

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