What does 4 Seasons solar powered vents do for registered installers?

Contractors who choose to use 4 Seasons solar powered vents products can rest easy knowing that we will do everything we can to help them succeed. This includes on demand customer service, sample boards, literature, merchandise, website map placement and more.

Sample Boards
Registered installers can request sample boards that will allow them to better present our products to their customers. In the showroom or taken on the road, this sample board is sure to impress homeowners and project managers alike. Each board contains a working unit fastened to it along with clear information on the product and its benefits.

4 Seasons solar powered vents brochures

Brochures & Information Booklets
Registered installers are provided with literature for their roofing estimate packages, showrooms and for their reference. The smaller brochures are ideal for roofing estimate packages because of their short, concise information.

We will also include full sized booklets which cover the specs and product information in more detail.

We often give out merchandise to provide roofers with useful items such as t-shirts, jackets, hats, pens, and more. We are also open to co-branding opportunities for sales staff uniforms, etc.

Customer Service
We actively monitor our phone lines and emails to ensure that any questions, concerns or issues that our registered installers have are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Website Placement
As a registered installer, you will be placed on our website’s registered installer map. Homeowners interested in getting our products installed will enter their ZIP code to find the nearest contractors that are familiar with our products.

Logos, Product Photos, Online Content
As a registered installer, we grant access to logos, photos and articles for use on your company’s website, social media page as well as clothing, vehicle decals and signage.

We will provide you with an official certificate for your business to proudly display that you are an Official Registered Installer for 4 Seasons solar powered products.

Our Promise
As a manufacturer, we understand that your business relies on the quality of our products. You can be sure that each solar vent has been quality control tested at our facilities in Texas and Ontario and is backed by our 10-year warranty.

4 Seasons solar powered products will offer great savings and better performance in your customers homes. Know that everything we do is done for you, with quality in mind.