Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Vents During Summer

Your Attic Space during Summer

On an average summer day, the heat that has built up in home’s attic space can be considered extreme heat. A seemingly normal outside temperature of 80°F or 27°C will make the attic temperatures as high as 120°F or 49°C . On even hotter summer days, attic temperatures can reach far higher.

Curling shingles caused by extreme heat and sun exposure

Protect your Roof from early Deterioration due to Extreme Heat

Extreme heat in the attic can cause your roof’s shingles to deteriorate faster than normal. This happens because the shingles are being “cooked” from the inside as well as being baked by the sun. Easy to spot signs of heat and sun damage include cracked, decaying or curling of the shingles. A cool and well ventilated attic will help reduce extreme heat buildup in your attic, and help your shingles last as long as they are designed to.

Solar powered vents have been shown to reduce heat in the attic significantly, prevent extreme heat spikes and keep the temperature inside the attic closer to the ambient temperature.

A study by the Florida Solar Energy Centre shows attic temperature before and after (2) solar powered attic vents are installed. Source:

Prevent Heat from Seeping into your Living Space

Heat from the unconditioned attic space can seep into the living space, making it uncomfortably warm during summer months. This is especially true in older homes. In cases where there are air ducts passing through attic, the extremely hot attic will warm up the ducts and any air that passes through.

4 Seasons solar powered vents will cool your attic space, resulting in a more comfortable living environment

Solar powered vents installed across your roof will cool your attic, resulting in a noticeably more comfortable living space.

Save Money on your Electricity Bill

4 Seasons solar powered vents can save you money on your electricity bill. By removing extreme heat from the attic and reducing the amount of hot air that seeps into your living space, your air conditioner will not need to be active as often. This is especially true in upper levels of the home. Less air conditioner use will result in a lower energy bill.